Equipment Breakdown

Most of the actual photos here were taken with a Canon Rebel XTi and a 50mm lens. A large majority of the photos that Megan takes are a) not of people and b) extreme macros, so her 50mm is basically her go-to lens for everything. Though they get less use, Megan also owns a 18-55mm, a hand-me-down telephoto lens that she doesn't remember the specs for, and a Lensbaby Muse. However, growing up in a household full of cameras, there is a chance that the photos you see was taken on one of her many, many other digital cameras. She owns an Olympus Stylus 790 SW that is on loan to her mother pretty much forever, a ridiculously old and clunky DSCP72 Cyber-shot 3.2MP, and a 5MP digital toy Rollei. Sometimes, she uses her family's PowerShot SX20 IS. Any square photo was likely taken with the digital toy Rollei that Megan uses when she doesn't want to lug around her Rebel, while older photos were likely taken with the Cyber-shot.

All of the newer photos in the twitterpated gallery were taken with a Motorola Droid - either through the existing camera application or the Vignette demo app. The Droid camera is better than her Cyber-sht and somehow this strikes Megan as hilarious, because she remembers how excited she was to get that Cyber-shot. It seems like a long time ago, now. The oldest shots in the gallery were taken with an LG Chocolate using the built-in camera. It sucked ass.

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